Our office roof goes green

In summer, we were able to experience how the green flat roof of our office conversion blossomed in colorful splendor. A roll-welded stainless steel flat roof from our own production serves as a sealing base.

Green stainless steel flat roof

In the course of our office remodeling, the flat roof of the existing buildings was also renovated. As a specialist company for the installation of roll-welded stainless steel flat roofs, such a roof forms the ideal substrate for a green roof. The stainless steel skin is waterproof, root-resistant and herbicide-free. In addition, considerably longer service lives are achieved compared to other waterproofing systems, which supports the sustainability concept of these roofs.

We are proud to contribute to biodiversity with this roof and to create an important food source for bees, beetles, butterflies and other insects. A topic that is on the pulse of time and shows us as a progressive craft company our responsibility for the future - building must become sustainable!