| 27. Juni 2008

Stararchitekten setzen auf Lummel

Metall-Handwerk: Unternehmen in Karlstadt ist hochspezialisiert und kann viele individuelle Lösungen

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Wherever facades gleam in the sunlight, decorated with unusual shapes made of titanium, stainless steel or thin sheet metal, it is likely that Georg Lummel had something to do with it. And this is indeed the case with the Q1 building and the Forum building at the ThyssenKrupp Quarter: The master tinsmith and his company, Lummel GmbH & Co. KG in Karlstadt am Main, were responsible for installing the high-quality steel sheets that make a significant contribution to the building’s outer appearance, due to their color, which is reminiscent of champagne.

But this isn’t the first time that Georg Lummel has worked together with ThyssenKrupp: This prestigious company installed the spectacular stainless steel facades of the structures by Frank O. Gehry in the “Neue Zollhof” in Düsseldorf and in the entrance area of the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

But, says Lummel, “every property is unique. For example, at the ThyssenKrupp Quarter one of the challenges was that each thin metal sheet has to be able to be removed separately in case of damage.” It was also difficult to get the parties involved to agree with each other. As Lummel explains: “In some parts of the building, four different facade types come together at one place. That means that the facade installers must all work at the same level of quality and precision so that everyone comes together at the defined location with a maximum deviation of just 10 millimeters.”

And Georg Lummel is quite pleased with the result. “Before, I didn’t think that the thin sheet metal would look this good because for facades of this type we usually tend to use aluminum.” Betraying his self-confidence, he adds, “but when you do it right, this material is also quite suitable for use with prominent buildings.” At times, up to 16 employees from his company worked on the facades.

But now Lummel is glad that the work is nearly finished. The project was stressful, he says. “And actually, that’s almost always the case: The building phase is sometimes nervewracking. But after it’s over, you’re proud and happy to hear the good feedback.”