technics & design

everything begins
with an idea

Technics and design stand at the beginning of every project that is about to be implemented. Our development is the basis for all our services.

Due to increasing demands on the design of facades and roof claddings and the use
coming material, early involvement of specialists in the development/conceptual design is becoming increasingly important.

The technical feasibility, taking into account optically important aspects and above all the cost situation, has to be determined and implemented according to customer requirements.

This organization minimizes risks during subsequent implementation and ensures a high quality of execution.


Stainless steel flat roofs

puristic design from sustainable raw material

The Bauhaus style, which originated in Germany, still has a formative influence on modern architecture today. The flat roof, symbol of aesthetics and progressiveness, also dates from this era.

Frequently discussed problems of drainage and tightness of such flat roofs became obsolete with the invention of the roll seam welded stainless steel flat roof.  

The unlimited durability also sets a sign for the future, because stainless steel does not shine for a short moment, but creates and preserves lasting values.

Its long durability and low maintenance costs make stainless steel an environmentally friendly material. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and no metal ions with a biocidal effect are released. Rainwater infiltration and rainwater utilisation are therefore completely harmless.

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individual metal facades under the sign of contemporary architecture

Even at the stage of the provincial sheet metal specialist company, metal curtain walls were the core of our services. Over the years, maturing experience and constant development of new progressive systems have enabled us to specialise in the construction of individual architectural facades.

In this field we offer specific solutions for demanding visions. Our innovative facade claddings accentuate the character of your building and promise high-quality solutions in construction and design.


historical preservation

restoration remains a passion

The preservation of historical buildings is a major task of our time and represents an attractive challenge to our classical craftsmanship.

Even though our focus has shifted over the years to other areas of activity, our understanding of traditional craftsmanship on the roof and in ornamentation has always been anchored in our corporate identity.


metal roofing

timeless aesthetics created for generations

Metal has been used as a material for roofing for centuries, because the material is convincing through its durability, quality and timeless aesthetics.

Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, you can also implement complex projects together with us.

According to your design wishes, all parts of the metal roofing are manufactured in detail and with a perfect fit in our production facilities in order to create a creative and at the same time high quality building.



design without limits

In our company, metal is not only used for the exterior design of buildings, but also finds its application in the interior. Due to the versatile possibilities offered by this raw material, unique living spaces can be created.

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Metal design

technology creates space for design

In addition to our classic field of activity, we carry out punching and folding work using the latest technologies. With our innovative machinery we open up new perspectives for our customers.

Whether your architectural vision is in the field of aluminium, brass, zinc or stainless steel, the right surface design gives every building its individual character.