BMW Welt
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BMW Welt  Experience and delivery centre

BMW Welt is an experience and delivery site of the BMW Group, with various exhibitions on the history of the brand, guided tours and events.

Technical information

Our service in this extraordinary project refers to the roofing of the funnel made of glass bead blasted stainless steel.

In contrast to conventional architectural designs, the roof of the BMW Welt not only represents the space-creating end of a building, but together with the double cone forms a functionally, structurally and above all formally independent building. The supporting structure is an integral part of the building. Keywords for the shape of the roof here are lightness and floating, a playful approach to the visual expression of gravity and our visual habits.


Am Olympiapark, München

Material: Stainless Steel

Category: Metal roofing


Service Dach
Material Stainless Steel

Project data

Location Am Olympiapark, München
Typology Culture
Construction period 2003-2007

Poject team

Architect Coophimmelb(l)au Wien
Executive architect Wolf D. Prix
Client BMW AG München
Project manager Ronny Schmidt


Ankit Sood