Weihenstephan Brewery
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Weihenstephan Brewery  Logistics hall

Freising with its district Weihenstephan can look back on a thousand-year-old tradition of hop growing and brewing. The Weihenstephan brewery is a state-owned brewery of the Free State of Bavaria.

Technical information

The logistics hall of the Weihenstephan brewery is clad with a shingle façade of a special kind. The material used for the façade is a 0.6mm thick, mirror polished, pattern rolled stainless steel sheet. (Rimex Super Mirror)

The hall wall is described as follows: A steel wall cassette forms the inner wall and carries the insulation open to the outside. A trapezoidal steel sheet was installed in front of this insulated wall construction. This is followed by a separating layer and finally the stainless steel shingles.

The extraordinary façade should reflect the surroundings under constantly changing light conditions. The building becomes part of the landscape and is integrated into it.


Service Development, Production, Assembly
Material Stainless Steel

Project data

Location Freising
Typology Office
Construction period 2018-2019

Poject team

Architect Technisches Büro Weihenstephan
Client Brauerei Weihenstephan
Project manager Sebastian Haas