Burg Brattenstein
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Burg Brattenstein  Extension of the east wing

Brattenstein Castle is a castle complex from the High Middle Ages and is located in the Tauber valley of the Würzburg district. The first documented mention goes back to the year 1230.

Since 1984 the inner courtyard of the castle has been the backdrop for the annual Franconian Festival.

Technical information

In the northern area, above a massive remnant of the original fortification wall, a large frame made of Corten steel protrudes over the wall and opens as a viewing platform over the roofs of Röttingen. The loggia is constructed as a steel structure that overhangs the courtyard level. It is clad with 4mm thick, untreated steel plates, which are given a self-forming, natural rust colouring. The weather-resistant and durable corten steel currently still shimmers mostly in a matt dark colour - and is remotely reminiscent of a knight's armour. Only with time will the characteristic patina, rich in nuances, develop, whose orange and brown shades harmonise well with the existing tiled roofs and create a powerful visual and haptic contrast to natural stone and exposed concrete.

The reconstruction of the collapsed east wing was not intended to be a reduction of the original buildings, but a solution tailored to the new functions and designed in a contemporary style. On the city side, the new castle wall and the loggia made of Corten steel, which we built, catch the eye today. The fortified appearance of the castle complex is broken by the large loggia and the inviting open staircase.



Material: Corten Steel

Category: Historical preservation, Facades


BDA-Preis, Bayern 2019, Bauen im Bestand/Denkmal

Bayerischer Tourismus Architekturpreis 2019


Material Corten Steel

Project data

Location Röttingen
Typology Culture
Construction period 2017-2018

Poject team

Architect Schlicht Lamprecht Architekten


Stefan Mayer