German Carnival Museum
Back to work Category: Facades, Metal design Luitpoldstraße, Kitzingen

German Carnival Museum  Official museum of German Carnival Association

The German Carnival Museum in Kitzingen is the official museum of the German Carnival Association and invites you to learn about the historical and current developments of carnival. On display are masks and props, but also medieval customs, literature and documents of the carnival.

Technical information

This extraordinary facade structure originates from our own development in the fringe shingle system. Initially this unusual structure was designed for roofs in the Seychelles to imitate the appearance of traditional thatched roofs. Later, the parallels to the carnival witch costume with its unique colour combination were reinterpreted for this project. The colouring is achieved by anodising the stainless steel surfaces.



Luitpoldstraße, Kitzingen

Material: Stainless Steel

Category: Facades, Metal design


System fringe shingle system
Service Development, Production, Assembly
Material Stainless Steel

Project data

Location Luitpoldstraße, Kitzingen
Typology Culture
Construction period 2018

Poject team

Architect Karl-Heinz Schmidt
Client Bund Deutscher Karneval e.V.