Keltenwelt am Glauberg
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Keltenwelt am Glauberg  Museum

The Glauberg - old and new home of the "Celtic prince". About 2400 years ago the mountain was the seat of Celtic rulers. Archaeologists discovered traces of settlement dating back to the Celtic Iron Age, richly furnished graves and, as a highlight, the life-size statue of a Celtic warrior. The site is therefore one of the most important of the European Iron Age.

Technical information

The architecture of the museum building of the Celtic world on the Glauberg is deliberately reduced in favour of the historically shaped landscape. On the one hand, the strictly geometrical structure contrasts with the gently undulating landscape, but on the other hand it blends perfectly into it. The large panoramic window is exactly aligned with the reconstructed Celtic burial mound - a museum as a telescope into the past.

For this special project, the curtain wall made of 4.0 mm thick Corten steel was developed and installed by us. Corten steel, known for its visually appealing rusty surface, has the extraordinary property of forming a protective layer that protects the steel from further rusting.


Glauberg, Hessen

Material: Corten Steel

Category: Facades


Deutscher Stahlbaupreis 2012


System curtain wall panels
Service Development, Production, Assembly
Material Corten Steel

Project data

Location Glauberg, Hessen
Typology Culture
Construction period 2011-2012

Poject team

Architect kadawittfeldarchitektur
Client Bundesland Hessen