Porsche museum
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Porsche museum  Automotive Museum

The Porsche Museum shows constantly changing exhibition vehicles and informs about the company history.

Technical information

Visitors enter the futuristic-looking building through a reflective entrance area which is enhanced by stainless steel from ThyssenKrupp Nirosta. Around 90 tons of the material Nirosta 4404, a highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The substructure in particular placed high demands on the design of the supporting structure. It had to be possible to inspect the ceiling elements over the entire ceiling area without visible element connectors and without element joints. Therefore, a special innovation from our own company was used, the so-called turntable system, which made it possible for us to fix the ceiling elements.

Modern architecture increasingly uses so-called free-form surfaces for the individual design of buildings of public interest, such as museums, banks, theatres or administrative buildings. However, such free-form surfaces require a high level of design effort both in the area of the supporting structure and the connecting elements.

The Delugan Meissl architects' office deliberately chose stainless steel for the ceiling soffit of the visitor reception area, as the reflective material spatially enhances the generous opening of the entrance area. The interaction between visitor and building is further enhanced by the reflective material. The particular challenge for ThyssenKrupp Nirosta was to guarantee the consistently high quality of the high-gloss polished surface. All the requirements architects placed on the reflective, diamond-shaped stainless steel elements were met by this material.



Porscheplatz, Stuttgart

Material: Stainless Steel

Category: Facades


System Stainless steel diamonds I Turntable System
Service Development, production, assembly
Material Stainless Steel

Project data

Location Porscheplatz, Stuttgart
Typology Culture
Category Ceiling soffit
Construction period 2006-2009

Poject team

Architect Delugan Meissl
Client Porsche AG