Commodity Trading Georg Lesch
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Commodity Trading Georg Lesch  Office and factory buildings

The architectural jewel between motorway, harbour basin and faceless storage buildings is the new office and factory building of the company Georg Lesch Rohstoffhandel. With its steel façade, it is a natural reference to the business field of the long-established family enterprise - the trade and processing of scrap metal.

Technical information

The façade panels made of robust, 3 mm thick, naturally rusting Wort steel sheet are divided into different panel sizes for a differentiated façade appearance.

In two different versions, the steel plates cover the 20 x 25 metre reinforced concrete cuboid; as flat panels and as perforated elements, in finely balanced façade design between glass and Corten steel elements.

The ornamental joints act like the marked outlines of the glass elements. They are backed with linseed oil embedded sheet steel to partially slow down the rusting process. With the perforated Corten steel sheets, you only notice at second glance that four small teeth protrude into the circular cut-out. The shape is inspired by the steel scrap collected in the adjacent hall: Punching scraps from the production of electric coils with a wide variety of geometric-ornamental shapes. The architects developed several variants and facade studies, initially an almost oriental-looking structure. But in the end they decided on a geometric motif that corresponds to the grid of the façade.



Material: Corten Steel

Category: Facades, Metal roofing


Theodor-Fischer-Preis 2015

BDA Preis Bayern 2016


System mounted panels
Service Development, Production, Assembly
Material Corten Steel

Project data

Location Schweinfurt
Typology Office
Category Facade
Construction period 2013-2015

Poject team

Architect Schlicht Lamprecht Architekten, Schweinfurt
Client Georg Lesch e.K., Schweinfurt
Project manager Frank Schwab