Villa Mumm
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Villa Mumm  Federal Agency for Cartography

The former villa of the "champagne baron" Hermann Mumm von Schwarzenstein is now the headquarters of the Federal Office of Cartography and Geodesy (BKG).

Technical information

Titanium, the material of the future. Slightly darker and duller than stainless steel, particularly resistant to mechanical stress, yet excellently malleable and almost eternally durable.

At the Villa Mumm, located on the outskirts of Frankfurt am Main, we realized the first German titanium facade ever. With about 9000 handmade shingles we refined the outer skin of this building.


Kronberg im Taunus

Material: Titanium

Category: Facades


System Shingle System
Service Development, Production, Assembly
Material Titanium

Project data

Location Kronberg im Taunus
Typology Education and science
Construction period 2007-2008

Poject team

Architect RHWL Architects, London
Client Bundesrepublik Deutschland