create, design and preserve

Leaving a planet worth living on for future generations - a major task for which we, as a modern and regionally integrated company, also bear social responsibility.


Climate protection

Conserving resources and acting sustainably

Metal - the raw material we use exclusively for the realization of our projects has exceptionally environmentally friendly properties. It is usually completely recyclable, has a long life span and is extremely resistant to weathering and UV radiation.

With us you can also be sure that we are environmentally conscious in the production and delivery of the materials we use. We pay attention to the shortest possible delivery routes and climate-neutral transport of goods. Saving time in production and optimising waste are further measures we take to ensure sustainable use of our resources.

Not only our service to you promises an ecological treatment of our planet, but also our entire corporate strategy is sustainable and future-oriented. Despite continuous innovation and a balanced approach to success and profit, it is extremely important to us to make a contribution to environmental protection in our everyday operations.

As early as 2005, a solar system was installed on the roof of our production hall as part of an environmental project. In the following years, such a solar power plant was also installed on the office building and the adjacent workshop halls. In addition, new innovative ideas such as an electric charging station and the use of electromobility are constantly being added, which should pave the way for a future without fossil fuels. We work together with progressive companies from the region, such as Schneider Solar, in order to ensure that even as a medium-sized company, we are constantly working on making a future worth living for future generations.


Respect and work safety

Appreciating diversity and protecting health

The basis of an operational cooperation is the considerate handling internally as well as externally, therefore we value diversity, treat all people with respect regardless of their origin and evaluate exclusively the performance of the individual.

Safety and health of employees are indispensable prerequisites for a successfully operating company and are increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. We therefore offer our employees annual courses in health prevention, as well as supplementary health insurance and a company pension scheme in order to constantly improve their daily work routine and ensure a permanently secure workplace.



Perspective in
progress and technology

As a forward-looking company, we invest not only in progress and technology, but also in the education of future generations. We offer young people secure and especially exciting perspectives in training and professional development. Thus, in addition to school and inter-company supervision, we support our trainees with a specified training of working techniques for the sheet metal trade, accompanied by a trainer employed exclusively for this purpose. With this commitment we maintain a balanced demographic balance, secure the long-term existence of our company and preserve our craft know-how for future generations.



Social engagement

Commitment and

As a company operating in a social market economy, we benefit from an intact social society. For this reason it is important to us to make a contribution to this collective. We are involved as a sponsor in various sports clubs and non-profit organizations in our beautiful home in Main-Franconia. Furthermore, we are extremely aware of our responsibility towards the preservation of our craft, which is why we are partners and sponsors of the European Plumber and Coppersmith Museum in Karlstadt am Main.