Lummel Metall

metal aesthetics.

We refer to handicraft roots, develop these into progressive techniques and form visionary design with industrial perfection.



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55 Jahre company existence
84 trained apprentices
847 Liter Sunmilk
52 employees

metal roofing

timeless aesthetics created for generations

Metal has been used as a material for roofing for centuries, as the material convinces through its durability, quality and timeless aesthetics.

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individual metal facades under the sign of contemporary architecture

Even at the stage of the provincial metalworking business, metal curtain walls were the core of our services. Over the years, maturing experience and constant development of new progressive systems have enabled us to specialise in the construction of individual architectural facades.

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diversity of our materials

When selecting our materials, we pay attention to European production and short delivery routes in order to harm our environment as little as possible. Each material listed has a high variety of colours and designs.

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all over the world.

All over the world, architects trust in our experience, our technical skills and the courage to take unconventional paths.

Our projects

Our projects.